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Catherine Gu ~ Managing Editor, is a MSc candidate in the Management Science & Engineering department at Stanford University, studying computational social science. Her passion sits at the intersection of incentive mechanism design, economics and statistics. She is particularly interested in the socioeconomic applications of blockchain. The idea of a podcast was born out of an urge to understand many of the pressing issues that have emerged at this unprecedented time. She hopes Pandemic Pulse can serve the community as a valuable information portal, to help each other understand and to navigate through this together.

Nikki Teran ~ Scientific Correspondent, is a PhD candidate in the Genetics department at Stanford School of Medicine. Her research focuses on human genomics and rare disease diagnostics. She loves learning about interesting science and getting others as enthusiastic about it as she is. She’s excited for Pandemic Pulse to help clarify the science behind the Pandemic and dive into the way it is impacting all of our lives.

Vandon Duong ~ Scientific Correspondent, is a PhD student in Bioengineering at Stanford University. His research involves protein and cell engineering for drug discovery. He is an avid reader and loves to discuss science and engineering. He is eager for Pandemic Pulse to stimulate open and honest discussions around the science and socioeconomic impact of COVID-19.

Nikki Perez ~ Medical Correspondent, is the Clinical Operations Manager for an early-stage medical device startup, responsible for designing and managing clinical studies at various sites across the US, Europe, and Israel. Her passion is endovascular neurosurgery, which she plans to pursue after completing medical school in 2025. She hopes to make Pandemic Pulse a place where listeners can understand what the pandemic means for them by highlighting topics related to the science of COVID-19 and putting them into the context of daily life.

Jennifer John ~ Pulse Researcher, is a freshman at Stanford University from Redwood City. She is pre-med and is majoring in CS on the biocomputation track. She is passionate about breaking down the barriers to making STEM knowledge accessible to everyone, and through Pandemic Pulse, she is excited to bring up-to-date and nuanced insights on the COVID-19 pandemic to a wider audience.

Amanda Curtis ~ Design Editor, is a MSc candidate at the University of Oxford, studying social science of the Internet. Her research focuses on how interactivity can be used in public scholarship to enhance engagement and dissemination. She is enthusiastic about Pandemic Pulse‘s opportunity to bridge the gap between science and daily life by better informing diverse audiences about COVID-19 through its creative content deliveries.